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I think that Industrialization made the Modern Period "Modern". Railroads and canals linked urban areas. There was for the first time people living in cities. The workforce was looked at differently, a time of great social change. I think this was the kick start of how society was shaped for today.

I would say it was a new era of change but unlike other eras of change it was defiantly a religious one.

They do have really small pictures

I added some information about Chinese family life. I said how the structure was tight and how it was not resisted.

hey just because it isnt catchy doesnt mean it isnt good.

"Dont go with the flow" to meany people did this in years before and it didnt get them anywere in life but now that people were thinking for themselfs things were happening like meany new inventions in technology helping out daily life.

i realy like the religion too and any other religion that deals with naturalistic ideas.

i added sanskrit because i think it is a very interesting language and it does with india and i like india.

Although those deep-rooted issues are still prevalent today, the improvements made thus far have certainly aided in defining the Modern Period.

I think what makes the Modern Period truly modern is the people as a whole. Most people live in the modern time, they are conscientious about the times, style, and what is new. The constant drive for the best has pushed people into the "Modern Period."

I think this is a good one, there were many changes that altered society.

"Overhauling Change"
There was a complete transformation in every aspect of society during the Early Modern Period.

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